Pablo Egaña Del Sol

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Reactiva: Measuring entrepreneurial and emotional regulation skills on real life context using AI-powered computer vision

Software designed to conduct research on the field.

The Role of Emotions in Entrepreneurship Education: Evidence on Labor Market Outcomes from Administrative Data in Chile

Economic effects of Entrepreneurship Training: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial

With Sam Flanders (ASB) and Melati Nungsari (ASB). AEA RCT Registry 4013.

Risk of Automation and The Future of Work in Latin America

With Claudio Bravo-Ortega (UAI) and Gabriel Cruz (U Maryland).

Encouragement RCT for improving effectiveness of bootcamp-based educational interventions

with Christopher Neilson (Princeton Univerisity and JPAL) and Fernanda Ramirez-Espinoza (Harvard University and JPAL-LAC)

Impact Evaluation of the Digital Talent Program in Chile

with Christopher Neilson (Princeton Univerisity and JPAL) and John Eric Humphries (Yale University and JPAL)