Pablo Egaña Del Sol

Resilient Communities And Cities: Strategies To Foster Sustainable Development

Pablo Egana-delSol


In recent years, a stressor that has continued tobecome more prominent in discussions of urbanresilience is climate change. Tragic disastersattributable to the impact of shifting globaltemperatures have included typhoons in thePhilippines (Lin and Emanuel 2016), floods inAustralia and Pakistan, tsunamis in both Japanand Indonesia, and many others (Jabareen 2013).This has highlighted the role of community resil-ience in the overall health and well-being of indi-viduals: given that such a large portion of one’squality of life is derived from their place of resi-dence and that relocation is often costly and jar-ring, preserving the integrity of communities isparamount to ensuring quality of life.