Pablo Egaña Del Sol

The Sharing Economy And The Future Of Energy

Pablo Egana-delsol and Melati Nungsari


A sharing economy is an economic system where different parties – as individuals, groups, or organizations – exchange underutilized resources in the economy. Many policymakers and members of the popular press around the world have struggled to find a cohesive and comprehensive term that covers all of the cases and examples of sharing economies. Thus, the definition of sharing economy is still a work in progress. The sharing economy is also referred to as the “collaborative economy,” collaborative consumption, or “uberization” of consumption. The underlying idea is that of a peer-to-peer exchange of goods or services mediated through an online marketplace or platform. Despite its origins in peer-to-peer exchange, the sharing economy has evolved into a more complex and profit-driven system. Finally, in sharing economies, there is a sense of community that governs most of the interactions on the market –…